17 September 2016

Check my menu ?

“Check My Menu” is a simple and effective solution enabling restauration professionals² to inform their customers of the presence of allergens produces in their preparations by using a QR code¹.

It is increasingly difficult for caters to present a simple solution to their clients; to help them identify the different allergens in their meal or preparations, knowing that the restriction of information to the client can result in financial penalties for the restaurant.exemple

In fact, 6-8 % of the population suffers from allergies and/or food intolerance. By displaying the presence or absence of allergen substances, it’s a service that the restaurant brings to those people who previously, wouldn’t perhaps make their way to the restaurant. It can also be an opportunity to win new customers.

Our company Trustelect (IT and new technology company) has been working for several months with restaurant owners to develop a simple and effective solution, allowing catering professionals like you to inform your customers about the presence of any allergen trace and/or products in their plates or other preparations.
After months of work we have a solution for you “Check My Menu”. It is Innovative and simple in its implementation; it ensures you and your customers a quality service and has been protected.

By the use of a QR code, we are able to offer a solution that allows you to keep your customers informed.

The process is simple :

  1. You develop your recipe, menu, dish or dessert…
  2. You point out in your preparation, the different allergens that may be present
  3. You then send to us by email, phone, fax … the name of the recipe and only the names of the allergens substances in the recipe.
  4. With that information, we are able to generate a black Qr code on a white surface, of a size of about 1.6 centimeter by 1.6 centimeter and a web database containing the information you provided.
  5. Once the QR code is in your possession, you just have to put each QR code near the correct menu on your menu presentation card.

flashThe rest is very simple for customers. Over 70% of the population now has a smartphone. With any free flash code application, the customer can easily flash the QR code next to the menu to access the information.


This solution has several advantages :

  • The customer is informed immediately of the presence or absence of allergen product in the preparation.
  • The restaurant provides the customer with the required information without revealing his recipe and thus complies with the law.
  • No expensive cost due to reprinting of the menu card, with too much information that would make it unreadable for customers
  • Your servers can therefore take care of other customers without taking too much time to inform one customer about the presence of allergens in each recipe.
  • Changing the menu does not require regenerating the QR code. Only the data page that contains the information will be updated.
  • You can also take the advantage of this web page to make your menu available to your foreign customers in another languages, as well as information on the presence of allergen products or traces.

Today, restaurant owners have tested our service and have noted the clear contribution that it makes to their service and the comfort of their clients.

¹ (Quick Response) code
² Catering professionals: cook, butcher or anyone preparing food products to the general public.